My growth is a continuous process


As Human Beings, we thrive on connection. Our best motivation comes from other people, so why not use this to our advantage. The Better Together Challenge is going to show you how to create positive physical and mental routines that will nourish your mind and body.


It is based on a buddy type framework where you can either join with someone you know or be partnered up with another Mamma who also wants to thrive as a woman.


You are going to be given the tools you need to drown out that self doubt and help you realise that long term change is not just achievable but also sustainable.  


4 weeks




You and your buddy will complete a number of different activities and challenges which will earn you points throughout the duration of the challenge.


The team with the most points at the end of the challenge WINS a cash prize.



Personalised welcome pack JUST FOR YOU


Exclusive online community where you will meet other amazing women and have the opportunity to grow your village.


TWO 15 minute face to face sessions with one of the SCT founders 


The chance to win a cash prize  as well as prizes throughout the challenge

  • A chance to build your village with weekly wine and thrive virtual catch ups


  • Weekly video workshops with the SCT founders about creating rituals, goal setting, holding boundaries and discussions about why YOUR needs matter


  • Opportunity to give back and 10% of your challenge investment will be donated to a female centred charity