Are you ready to discover a whole new level of you?

We are so glad you are here!

What we already know about you is that you are feeling l an overwhelming sense of guilt whenever you do anything for yourself. 

You are ambitious, passionate and caring, but your longing for something more. Something that allows you to feel like "you" again. 

You know you are so much more than a mum. You know where you want to be, but unsure how to execute it, but something is drawing you forward to making a change. 

 You have the BIG picture in your mind and your ready to become the next level of you. It’s going to take a fresh approach, an elevated mindset, new beliefs in yourself and also in what’s possible and it’s going to take commitment, diligence and consistency.

Life is good. But we are not here for just good. We're here to level up ourselves and manifest our truer best selves. 

We are real women. Real Mums who know what those depths of despair feel like. We both got pretty busy and had three kids in three years and each have a child with a rare chromosomal condition. We were lost, overwhelmed and felt oh so isolated while we tried to live up to the patriarchies expectations of what a "good" mother is. 

We were able to get ourselves out of that hole and now we want to support you to do the same. We speak the language of busy mums and are living proof that with a little support and an open mind, you can thrive as a woman and be an AMAZING mother at the same time.

So what do you say? Are you ready to change your life?


Are you getting to the end of your day, exhausted but feeling like you didn't actually achieve anything? 

Do you feel too embarrassed to share with your friends/family how you are feeling as you are worried they will judge you?

Want someone in your corner to help cut through the crap, challenge you but also on days you need it most tell you "you've got this."

Want to add tried and tested, no BS skills to your toolkit that will help you reach the end of the day thinking "I am enough."

Well keep scrolling beautiful because you are exactly where you need to be. 


We want you to know that your big grand dreams and desires are welcome here. All of you is welcome here.

This is your place, your safe space, your patch to unravel, be seen, be heard, be acknowledged.

This is your space to also get your ass lovingly kicked and be called on your BS. The conversations that you’ve been dying to have with someone, someone who ‘gets it’, someone who has been there before, someone who is not going to allow you to settle and stay small. Someone who is going to call you forward, give you the tools, strategies and support every step of the way to see you flourish. To see you shine, to see you LIVING.

Who is the right fit for you?

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Work with Hayley 

I. Love. Working. With. Women. 

I can't explain it but it just sets my soul on fire seeing women, in particular mothers, come to realise their worth.


I have a Diploma of Psychology, an Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management plus a suite of professional development courses but most importantly what I bring to the table is experience. 

Experience of working with women who have faced trauma. Experience of working with mothers to find themselves again within all the noise. Experience of working with women who have been thrown unexpected curveballs in their motherhood journey like me. 

Working with me will involve us getting real and yep, you guessed it, cutting the crap. 

My sole focus will be on you and you only. I will be your confidant, cheerleader and you will always find me waiting in your corner ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.  

We will use a strength based and solution focused approach to get shit done because you my friend have spent too long in the overwhelmed camp and enough is enough. 

 Our core focuses will be:

  • Cutting the crap - who do YOU want to be, not who do you THINK you should be.

  • Goal setting and planning.

  • Learning to reframe your response to knee jerk thoughts and behaviours.

  • Come to realise that just because you've never done something, doesn't mean you can't. 

  • When you wobble, I will be there to guide you back to where you want to go, keep you motivated and most importantly, accountable.  

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Work with Pauline 

I believe your self worth is your superpower and when you unlock it you are going to kick some major ass!

I relish watching mammas realise that they are so much more than mum buns, appointments and school drop offs.  

I have Degree in Primary and Secondary Education, I am also a Certified Mindfulness, Health, Wellness and Body Positivity Coach. I’ve worked with women in particular mothers in business and as editor of Let’s be Mamma Magazine. This however, is nothing in comparison to the real life experience of birthing three children and experiencing first hand the curveballs of motherhood!


I have passion for creating a balance in a health and wellness plan that is realistic and which fits within the constraints of motherhood. I am a firm believer that in order to create a sustainable lifestyle in which you thrive, mental wellbeing are pivotal.

Working with me will mean that I am going to keep your eyes on the prize, my soul focus will be on you and getting you to where you want to be.

Our core focuses will be:

  • Learning how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your lifestyle


  • Goal setting and planning.


  • Changing your mindset to create a sustainable plan towards your new you.


  • Learn how to fuel your mind with positivity and gratitude

  • You’re ready to experience new levels of joy, success, love and abundance

  • You’re ready to make meaningful change in your life and business that not only positively impacts you but also the lives of those around you

  • You’re ready to create a life that feels amazing and that you wake up excited to live each day for the fulfilment and freedom that it brings. 

  • Be motivated and kept accountable when reaching your lifestyle goals.

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Imagine a life where you felt centred, fulfilled and empowered. 


Imagine a life where you trusted yourself, were tuned in and felt free. 


Imagine a life that was truly yours, full of authentic connection, simple pleasures and personal wins.  


Imagine being the very best version of you.

Hour of Power 

This is for you if you want hard and fast results. You are ready for change but just need someone to bounce off and help steer you in the right direction. 

This 1 hour 1:1 session will give you:

Clarity - what changes do you want to make and WHY.

A plan. It's all well and good to have goals but how are you going to actually acheive them.

Accountability - you receive a bonus 30 minute follow up session with your personal motivator to reflect, review and...  

Cut the Crap for Good 

You're ready to make a change; you're ready to learn how to priorituse yourself, ditch the Mum guilt and cut the crap from your life! No fluff, no gimmicks, just real and sustainable change.

What you get:

- 8 weeks of intense support from your personal motivator 

-fortnightly 45 minute 1:1 face to face sessions with your personal motivator 

- weekly check-ins with your motivator 

- complete set of resources and templates to help you work through the noise and make long term and sustainable change 

- direct access to your personal motivator via your chosen medium so you know there is always someone in your corner on those days you need us the most. 

Build your own 

Not sure what you need but you know that something has to change!

Book your free 30 minute discovery call with us. We will discuss the challenge you are facing in your life, how we could help and put together an individual/tailored program which can suit any needs or budget. 



You decide