So you kicked off the new year with the usual... fitness goals, and probably nutrition goals. But, have you thought about your overall wellness goals?

Ones that focus on you... the woman. The individual.

Your mind, body and soul?

And have you thought about HOW you are going to move towards these goals? 

Mother and Child


 In This Together

Is a four-week challenge for any mum who wants to kick some butt, develop

new habits that stick and ditch the fads that we all know are unrealistic.

It is going to show you how to create positive physical and mental routines that will nourish your mind and body all whilst fostering a sense of community and sisterhood as you build these new habits.

You will learn how to kick Mum guilt to the curb, reframe your thinking to help you lead a more positive lifestyle and learn that motherhood does not have to come at the cost of you, the woman, the individual.


How does it work?

You're not doing this on your own.

In This Together works on a buddy system.

You and your buddy will work within a Learn, Practice, Plan framework where you will focus on a different aspect of you every day. You will receive daily reminders from our exclusive app and online community away from social media.


You will be allocated a personal motivator where you will have unlimited access as well as an individual 1:1 and personal messages to keep you moving forward on those days you just want to give up.

You have the choice to bring along a buddy or use this as an opportunity to meet another mamma who also wants to thrive as a woman and we can partner you.


You are going to be given the tools you need to drown out that self-doubt and realise that long term change is not just achievable but also sustainable.


You will come to realise that YOU are your biggest cheerleader.

This 4-week program equips you with mum-proof tools to put you back on top of your list.


Realise that you are not alone and there is always someone to back you.

What do you get?

Free essential oils goody bag for the first 10 signups

1 x 1:1 meet up with your personal motivator

10% of all proceeds going to a charity for mums/women

Access to our exclusive app, designed for you to tick off your progress and check off all of your wins

Weekly prize giveaways

Daily reminders and tasks following our Learn, Plan, Practice Framework which has been designed for mums by mums

Regular check-ins from your personal motivator to support you to overcome any barriers you may face that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

a virtual group girls night in

Unlimited access to Hayley and Pauline your personal motivators

A tried and tested program which has seen mums from all over Australia realise their worth and appreciate that REAL change doesn't come in the short term

How much?

ALL of this for only $50pp


"The best part was finding me again! Yes being a mother changes you and you do forget about yourself. Your needs get swept under the rug and your family becomes number one in everything. But what I learnt most throughout this program is I NEED to look after me first to look after everyone in my family with patience, kindness, love and care. Goodbye to the mum guilt, to the nasty girl and realise I have changed to the pre-Mumma I once was. I am more whole as a person inside and out now that I am a mum and I can work towards my own goals in life. Anyway today I did something for me and got my hair done, I ran 12km and I made good food choices! I feel great and just feel awesome!!"

"Thank you so much.

I have been loving this experience and I have resonated so well with knowing my 'nasty girl' and knowing when she's putting her 2c in. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally and my mindset has just been so great these last few weeks. Even the quack noticed a massive shift

Plus, having my buddy."


"This program has opened new doors and opportunities to keep busy, expand my social network/village and to try new things. I also love having found someone both in my buddy and the cheerleaders who are all about personal growth and striving for their best.

Thanks again ladies"

"My biggest take away so far would have to be realizing that you're not alone in your way of thinking. We all have a nasty girl that tries to drag us down, and we all suffer from mummy guilt. I'm slowly learning to not listen to my nasty girl, and it is ok to take time for yourself, in fact, it does your family good if you can!!"