Do you ever feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated or don't have enough time for yourself?

These emotions are a normal part of life. The challenges we face, including unwanted emotions, can often become our greatest teacher.. that is if we take a moment to explore them.

Journal writing is an incredible way to take what's on your mind and gently work through it, it is also a great tool to dump the juggle and simply hash it out.

Usually, we become hesitant to try journal writing as we don't know where to start or have no one to guide us. Worrying about how to journal or questioning whether or not you're getting the best out of it, can be enough to hold us back.

This 10- day Journal Writing Workshop will change all that.

In this workshop, you will learn a step by step approach to journal writing, complete with questions and prompts. This supportive process is designed to enhance your wellbeing and give you a fresh perspective, where you feel lighter, grounded, clear, calm, happy and empowered to take inspired action.

The Workshop is a step by step, practical and task orientated process that will enable you to let go what's on your mind.

  Dive a little deeper to explore what the stress might really be about.

  Discover the gift of perspective, reflection and gratitude and be inspired to take action in every day life.