HaNDLE syndrome, surgeries and motherhood.

Imagine that you have three young children; by the time the youngest is only 18 months old, you’ve had eight abdominal surgeries and have developed an invisible chronic health condition known as HaNDL syndrome which basically leaves you feeling like a stroke victim.

Doesn’t sound like much fun hey? Well, this is exactly what life is like for Sami Letran.

Read on to learn more about this amazingly resilient woman!

Who was Sami before she became a Mum?

I was a Beauty Therapist. Since my teens I’ve been a passionate person. I decided I wanted to study beauty therapy when I was about 16 so I went to TAFE courses at night and did my high-school studies during the day. By the time I turned 17 I was studying my diploma of beauty therapy full time and went straight in to work at a salon at 18. I had a 10 year long career in the beauty industry, mostly working as a beauty therapist but the last few years of working before I took a break to start my family I had a job as a beauty sales rep/trainer. It was an out on the road job. Visiting salons and running staff training. I loved it! My favourite role in the industry by far.

How old are your children and what is one thing you adore about each of them?

I have three children. Savanah is 7, Logan is 5 and our 3rd born wild child Stevie is almost 3.

Savanah has a very kind and caring nature. She draws very expressive drawings and I love to see the world in her eyes. She’s drawn me as a super Mum soaring through the air with a cape on quite a few times and I absolutely love that she sees me that way.

Logan is a very sweet boy. But he can come out with the most offensive and inappropriate one liners. In those moments I’m usually feeling equally amused and mortified. At his 2yr old check up as we were leaving he leaned in to say goodbye to Kerry our lovely nurse and said “Bub-bye bitch”. At the time I wanted the ground to swallow me up but now when I tell that story I can’t help but laugh.

Stevie, Stevie, Stevie. Where do I start with this little fire cracker. She is a free spirited, hilarious kid. Stevie pushes boundaries to the absolute limit. I never know what mischief she’ll get into next. She has her own Instagram hash tag #shitsteviedoes. On my birthday this year she emptied a whole bag of Epsom salts upstairs and on Mothers Day she hurt her toe and ended up in ED having her whole big toe nail come off. That is the type of shit Stevie does!

What is something about being a Mum that drives you bonkers?

The exhaustion.

Especially during what I call “rush hour” between 4pm-7pm when I am already so tired I find it really tough. Coming home with 3 tired, cranky, hungry kids is hard work. Wrangling them all while I get dinner served up, bath time before they hop into bed and then getting each child down to bed in itself can be a whole other battle.