Infertility, high-risk pregnancy, premature birth and medically complex kids.

Do you want to meet a woman that has been thrown more than her fair share of unexpected curveballs during her motherhood experience? Then look no further because Amy Purling from Miracle Mumma is one bad ass lioness and we are so grateful she agreed to share her story with us.

Amy has been through unexplained infertility, miscarriage, complex surgeries to assist her with conceiving, high risk pregnancies, premature births and is now raising a little man with some special features. If you looked her name up in the dictionary, we am pretty sure you would find the definition of amazing.

*this interview took place in 2020

How old are your children and what is one thing you adore about each of them?

James is four and Jack has just turned one!

James is full of infectious energy, he lights up our days with his character. Jack is brave and resilient, and the most chilled out happy baby you’ll ever meet!

What is one thing about being a Mum that drives you bonkers?

Feeling isolated even when you have children climbing all over you! Not being able to just have 5 minutes to yourself!

Can you tell us about your experience of trying to conceive your first baby and then the pregnancy complications you endured?

Scott and I tried for 14 months to have a baby before seeking help. We were referred to Repromed and after multiple blood tests, scans and certain specimens in cups, we were told we had ‘unexplained infertility’, meaning everything checked out ok. However I was not ovulating frequently, and this makes it damn hard to have a baby!

We started ovulation induction using clomid, and on the second cycle we fell pregnant! Sadly, when we went for our dating scan at 8 weeks, we were told the baby had stopped growing at 5 ½ weeks and there was no heart beat. Even years later I can still remember vividly how my heart broke inside my chest at this moment. I had a D&C to remove the embryo and remember feeling so alone…wondering if it was even meant to be. But just 6 weeks later at our follow-up, I found out I was pregnant again, naturally! And this one stuck.

The pregnancy wasn’t without complications.

At just 10 weeks I had a large unexplained hemorrhage. At our 20 week scan there were concerns about an amniotic band, lack of movement from baby, and his head was measuring small and long. We were referred to the specialist Women’s & Children’s Hospital for another scan and second opinion, and after an agonisingly anxious week, we found out I had a septum in my uterus which was restricting bubs’ growth and movement – he was basically stuck in half a uterus with limited room. I was warned we might have our baby early but they were happy with how he was tracking. At 30 weeks pregnant, I lost my mucous plug and was sent to hospital as a precaution. Thankfully I was admitted for monitoring as that night my waters broke and I went into premature labour.

I wrote a blog on James’ birth which explains it all better than I could again here. It was traumatic and scary and I still find it difficult to recall, at times it doesn’t even seem like my life…it was like something out of a movie.

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James was born at 30 weeks with a rare blood disorder called NAIT.

Not only were you a first time Mum with a premmie, he looked like he had gone 3 rounds in a boxing ring and then you had to find blood products from all around Australia.

Can you walk us through your experience in those first few weeks.

The first day in NICU was a whirlwind, obviously I’d just gone through one of the most traumatic moments of my life, but it had brought me my son – we had waited for this moment for so so long! I was extremely grateful and blessed to have my boy earth-side, but I was looking at him through a plastic box and couldn’t even hold him…the mixture of emotions was so difficult to pro