Knowing Who I Am, Is Helping To Navigate My Endometriosis

I was very recently diagnosed with endometriosis (yet to be confirmed with surgery). I won't lie, when you read the medical journals on this, it doesn't spark a great sense of joy or hope.

Chronic illness.

Debilitating pain.

Hormone treatment.

No cure.

All of these statements were hitting me in the face and were trying to tell me that this is the life I have now been "sentenced to."

I've decided to go with "food is medicine" approach as that feels right for me but boy is there some contradictory crap on the internet.

Become vegan.

No FODMAP diet.

Inflammatory foods.

Exercise but only gently like swimming and yoga.

Dance naked under the moon and let the energy seep into your skin.

Hang on, exercise profusely to get the blood pumping.

It's ridiculous!

You know what has helped me decide on my game plan? Knowing me. Knowing my values. What I believe in and the life I want to lead. This has given me the confidence to question the information in front of me. I have found a lady who I feel a connection with. She acknowledges that changes take time. That this shit can be hard at first and so starting small and starting SOMEWHERE is better than taking no action at all.

Sure I am about to undergo a huge overhaul in terms of my perception of food and how I fuel my body however that's just the mechanics.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because Pauline and I are so passionate about women knowing themselves and letting their values be their anchor. Things they can use to guide them when feeling overwhelmed and trying to make a big decision. Knowing your values, your worth are going to ensure you are always walking a path that is aligned with who YOU are.

So I ask you this... Does your life currently reflect what you consider to be your values? Do you even know who you are as a person away from your title of Mum?


Here are some ways you can start to nut them out.

1) Brain dump. Sit down and write down every word that comes to mind when you think about values and what resonates with you. Take your time and slowly work through the list until you have 5 or so. This does not need to happen overnight.

2) Go online. Like everything there is so much information at our fingertips about values. This website offers a free values assessment.

3) Deciding on your family values are so much easier when you are confident with who YOU are as an individual. Here is our free guide to starting to discover the woman you are outside of being a mum.