• Kelly

How Navy Life helped inspire this Business Mum

If you had 30 seconds to summarise your life what would you say?

It’s been an adventure. From school I went to university, then joined the Navy, travelled the world, met my husband, had children and started a business. I’ve led a pretty awesome life!

What is something about being a mum that drives you bonkers?

The constant questions!

What inspired you to join the navy?

I was working on a Navy base and was half way through my accounting degree when I thought, “I can always be an accountant, but I can’t always join the Navy” so I might as well do it while I’m still young. So I joined as a Supply Officer when I was 20 and loved it!

The defence force is stereotypically known for being a very male dominated environment. Were there ever times you felt “judged” for being a woman?

No way. I never felt judged for being a woman and I was never treated differently. I think if everyone treats each other with respect there isn’t a problem. Sure I came across some rude people, but that’s where you have to just be resilient!

What was your deployment experience like?

My 2 deployments were very different.

In the Middle East I was working in a team of Australians and we lived in a house, travelling from country to country around the Middle East to support the Navy ship at sea, and when it came into port. My job was to work with other nations to arrange helicopter and ships

coordinate food, and fuel deliveries at sea, and also work with local staff to coordinate port services, security, visits and events when the ship was alongside. I really enjoyed that job.

When I was deployed to Sudan, I worked with a team of people from other countries in the United Nations to coordinate deliveries of equipment and building materials required to construct UN camps around Sudan. It was a very independent job, travelling around in Russian helicopters and Canadian planes to ensure that the tasks were completed.

After you had your first babe, did you go back to work and what did that look like?

I did go back to work after our first child and it was tough. I was responsible for the management and welfare of 80 sailors. I hated having to drop my baby off at care at 7 in the morning and pick her up at 5. I quickly realised that Navy life and Mum life were not compatible for me. The guilt was too much.

Whilst on maternity leave with your second babe you decided you didn’t want to live a life separated from your babes for months at a time… how did this evolve into Daily Orders?

My husband was travelling a lot and I couldn’t cope with the change in schedule every week. He would send me calendar invitations to show when his flights were and I felt like we weren’t communicating any more. When he was away the evenings were quiet so my brain was busy trying to figure out a solution. So I came up with Daily Orders planners!

The term Daily Orders actually comes from my time in the Navy as Daily Orders is the schedule published every day to advise the ship or establishment’s staff what is happening that day, what uniform to wear, who might be visiting and so on. So I figured it was the perfect name for a planner!

Here is the link to use: https://www.dailyorders.com.au/

What does success/happiness look like to you?