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MJ Byrne
Nov 07, 2020
In Wellness Forum
To answer the question “What have You embed in your life since starting the better together challenge?”.... what changed? Since starting the better together challenge, I have really become aware of firstly, Screen time! Phone use. Social media. How often I don’t live in the moment... I have really pulled myself away from my phone. I will have days now where I will either switch it off, or I just simply pick it up less. My mindset has begun to change. Life isn’t all about the number on the scale. It truely is about your mindset. What has changed for me is the way I look at myself. Which in turn has lessened the amount of downer days and enabled me to appreciate my body as it is and try my best to look after it without body shaming myself constantly. @Nathalie ❤️ (I wasn’t sure if this was the “group chat” 💬 section... x )

MJ Byrne

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