Screw the f*cking ball

Tuesday  27th @ 10am


Where did the ball even come from?

Where did these bloody balls come from? When were we given them to hold in the air and given the perspective that if we drop them, we are a crappy mother, partner and human in general?

Mum Guilt 

Mum guilt. Another thing that just seems to magically appear from the moment you conceive your tiny human's. Don't fear, there is an actual reason for it which means that it is possible to manage and reframe your response to it!

Know your worth

We hear fluffy statements like this all the time but what does it actually mean?! Basically, you need to know who you YOU are, so you stop attracting situations/people who treat you like shit!

Build your toolkit.

Start to learn some simple, practical mumproof strategies that are going to help you become more aware of your inner dialogue and allow you to start to make space in that narrative for YOU.

Wednesday 28th @ 8pm

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Pauline Da Silva


Pauline is a mum of three under 6 who believes self-worth is your superpower and when you unlock it you are going to kick some major ass!

With a Degree in Primary and Secondary Education,  a Certified Mindfulness, Health, Wellness, and Body Positivity Coach. She brings her experience working with women and most importantly her real-life experience of birthing three children and experiencing first hand the curveballs of motherhood!



Hayley Thiele


I. Love. Working. With. Women. 

I can't explain it but it just sets my soul on fire seeing women, in particular mothers, come to realise their worth.


I have a Diploma of Psychology, an Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management plus a suite of professional development courses but most importantly what I bring to the table is experience. 

Experience of working with women who have faced trauma. Experience of working with mothers to find themselves again within all the noise. Experience of working with women who have been thrown unexpected curveballs in their motherhood journey like me. 

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