When we ask you the simple question... who are you?

What would your first response be?

A Mum?

What else?

Has your mind gone blank?

Lets work on changing that. 


Being a Mum is a privilege. 

BUT it does not need to come at the cost of you.

Your desires, dreams and sense of identity.

This simple

but thought provoking

self-paced 5 step challenge

will give you realistic, mum proof, no bullshit tools you can use to help you find you in there, the woman, amongst the organised chaos that is Mum life!

DSC_3098 c.jpg

The Steps


Well... Who are you?

Time to take stock of who you are now and where you want to be.



Learn about how #mumguilt manifests and what you can do to kick it to the curb.


there is no going back

Stop trying to go back to who you were pre-kids and learn to embrace the Mamma version of you.


Understand the mind and body connection

You are what you think. Learn about the power our thoughts have over our



Sustainable selfcare

Time to broaden that toolkit on how to look after YOU. No bullshit, just proven, mumproof strategies that WORK.