The She Can Thrive Team came together with a common goal which is to empower mums

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Meet The Team

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Hayley Thiele

Hayley is a Mum to three girls aged five and under, step-mum to Izabelle who is 12, self confessed gym junkie, lover of champagne, coffee and of course chocolate! Hayley has a Diploma of Psychology and has worked with women through some of the most challenging and at times, traumatic experiences of their lives going. She has experience in assisting women to achieve overall health and wellness goals in areas such as weight loss, career dreams, shifting a negative mindset and also has a huge passion for empowering women to build their village as we all know this Mum gig was meant for us to do alone.  


Hayley is the right cheerleader for you if you are looking to:

  • Realise who you are as a woman whilst also still being a mother 

  • Set goals and actually stick to them 

  • Learn how to fuel your body with the good stuff

  • Alter how you respond to your negative self talk

  • Want to increase your satisfaction with your life in general 

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Pauline Da Silva

Pauline is a mum of 3 aged 5 and under. Avid shower singer and lover of the outdoors. She loves to keep fit and active. Editor of an online magazine for mums “Let's be Mamma” she has a passion and desire to work with mums and help them find their balance and provide a real no BS community. She has lived in Vietnam and experienced life as an expat mum and FIFO parent and endured the struggles which come from being a mum with a special needs child. 


With a Degree in Primary and Secondary Education, she is also a Certified Mindfulness, Health and wellness coach. Pauline has a passion for creating a balance in creating a health and wellness plan that is achievable and which fits within the constraints of motherhood and encourage mums that self care isn't selfish. She is a firm believer that in order to create a sustained healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, exercise and mental wellbeing are pivotal. 


Pauline is the right cheerleader for you if you are looking to:

  • Work on being more mindful in your day to day life 

  • Incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your lifestyle 

  • Goal setting and planning 

  • Changing your mindset to create a sustainable plan towards your diet and exercise

  • Learn how to fuel your body without counting calories

  • Be motivated and kept accountable when reaching your lifestyle goals